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Improve your online results by scoring leads
Written by Jessi Johnson   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 07:09

(Part 6 in a series)

Scoring leads
Tracking your conversion ratio: unique visitors vs those who complete a desired action, provides very useful information. Tracking the ones that may not have made a purchase or provided lead information (yet) may be even more valuable, when it comes to fine tuning your website as a marketing tool.

How your visitors respond to every piece of content reveals something about your customers. Every page they visit, every button or link they click, every image they zoom open to a larger size, every video they play, can tell you where they are in the buying process, what they care about and what it's going to take to develop a repeat customer. Every action helps you build a picture of the person's interests and attitude.

Lead scoring is the process of calculating your visitor's readiness to buy based upon a total score, a composite of his or her choices and behavior while spending time on your website. The scoring system must be adapted to each website. If your visitor visits the blog or forum, that would add a point to the score. If they visit the About Us or Meet Our Team page, that shows considerable interest, add a point. If customer location is important, you might add a point for having an IP in a suitable regional area. Completing a desired action, like filling in a Request for Information form or engaging in a live chat session may be worth 5 points.

Gathering customer intelligence will help you make design and content decisions based upon empirical data rather than whim or fancy.

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