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Improve your online results by measuring results
Written by Jessi Johnson   
Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:00

(Part 3 in a series)

Measuring internet marketing results
It's been said that "Until you know what's broke, you can't fix it." All good websites are works in progress; they will never be 'finished'. You should be continually tracking what happens as you add and tweak content. If you don't have Google Analytics, or another quality analytics package installed on your site, that should be job one this January.

If most of your traffic is coming from direct entry of your URL into the browser, that would indicate that your print media, radio/television and/or word of mouth advertising are your primary source of new visitors. Word of mouth is fabulous, and generally free. Print and other media, on the other hand, are generally the most expensive ways to drive traffic to your site. If that's where most of your traffic comes from, you may be paying too much for visitors.

If most of your traffic is coming from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, it generally means that your SEO (search engine optimization professional) has gained enough top-ten organic ranking positions to bring in traffic. If most of your traffic comes from PPC (pay per click) marketing, like Google AdWords, you should be evaluating what you're paying for each visitor. Are many of your visitors coming as recommendations (links) from other websites? How about social media?

Your website is a critical marketing tool that can help you connect the dots in customer behaviour. How did your visitor arrive on your site? What content is he viewing? Has she subscribed to your RSS feed, email updates or newsletter? If you have multiple authors, which one has the strongest following? Are your visitors converting into leads, online customers or affiliate click-throughs?

Unless you already completely dominate your market online, there is always much room for improvement and analytics will help you pinpoint what's working and what isn't. You can transform your website into a customer intelligence tool. Through analysis you can know your customers' attitudes, determine exactly who they are, what they like, what they need and why they came to your website. With this knowledge you can deliver a meaningful online experience for your customers and earn their loyalty.

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Cole Wiebe

Cole Wiebe Internet Marketing Agency

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